Structural Welder - Fitter - Entry Level Trainee
Department: Field - Welder
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Larry Miller
Contact Email:
Date Posted: Feb 21, 2023


            A Structural Welder/Fitter Trainee is an Industrial Welder/Fabricator who under the instructions of Supervision cuts materials, prepares cut materials, fits prepared materials, and welds material as necessary.  Works under the guidance of a Foreman or Superintendent fabricating and welding supports, hangers, structural members, plates, or other similar items per the provided weld specifications.


Must perform all duties with a Safety first attitude and direct others towards a Safe work environment.

Lays out work and preps materials for cutting as instructed by Foreman

Assist in rigging and job set ups for all tasks performed or supervised.

Once specific welding procedures have been successfully accomplished by completing specific welding test, perform fabrication and welding of support structures or plates to accommodate the installation of any equipment

Determines drill and threading sizes to secure equipment as necessary.

Must be able to weld with Mig and stick after 90 days of employment

Must be able to correctly use Oxy/Acetylene cutting tools after 30 days of employment

Operates any hand tools and equipment necessary to perform all associated tasks.

Understands and completes task objectives as assigned by the Foreman in the safe operation of tools, use of equipment, fabrication and welding skills and rigging of equipment.

Performs other project related duties and assignments as instructed by supervisor.

Meets attendance standards and complies with late/absence notification procedures.


Requires basic mechanical aptitude, mathematical and English language skills. Must be able to work occasional overtime as required.


Education:       High School Graduate, GED or equivalent.


Experience       Not Required

            Promotes To:   Structural Welder Fitter


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off